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Juan Dieguez Olaverri Viewpoint, Huehuetenango

The city of Huehuetenango is 190 km from the capital of Guatemala, and 85 km from the Mexican border of La Mesilla, enjoys a cool and pleasant climate because it is located at 1900 meters above the foot of the mountain range of Los Cuchumatanes which has the highest mountain peak in the country at 3800 meters. From the Dieguez Olaverri viewpoint you can appreciate the wonderful volcanic and mountainous landscape of this department.

The department of Huehuetenango is very varied, it has places such as Magdalena lagoons, Yolnabaj, caves, archaeological sites and wonderful landscapes that can be visited on foot or on horseback.

Most of the inhabitants of the department are of Mayan origin from the Mam, Chuj and Kanjobal ethnic groups, each village wears a different typical costume from its neighbor. Several rivers are born in this beautiful department; the Cuilco, Chixoy, Selegua, San Juan and others. Most of its inhabitants are dedicated to agriculture: garlic, corn, wheat, beans, potatoes, as well as oranges, and excellent coffee as well as textiles, ceramics, hats, baskets and many other handicrafts.

During the colonial era, Huehuetenango was the first region of the country to have contact with the Spaniards in 1524 where the indigenous chief Kaibil Balam confronted them. There is still the citadel of Zaculeu, which was built in the 10th century and abandoned after the siege to which it was subjected by the Spaniards. Currently Huehuetenango is a flourishing city that actively contributes to the economy of the country.