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Tourist Information

General Information:

There is so much to discover in Guatemala, the most colorful tourist destination in Central America. When you travel to Guatemala, you will experience a country of mild beauty with an incredible natural, historical and cultural attraction. In this section you will find tourist information about the main sites of Guatemala.

In an area of 108,889 km2 (67,660 mi2), Guatemala offers a variety of unique attractions in the world: the magnificence of the Mayan cities surrounded by lush jungle, the quiet turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, and the incredible adventures on the Pacific beaches , many volcanos and lakes. In addition to the Spanish past of one of the most beautiful colonial cities in America: Antigua Guatemala, named Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1979.

Some distinctive characteristics of the country as an average of 21 ° C throughout the year and its more than 360 microclimates, majestic rainforests and the most modern and cosmopolitan city of the region make the country a unique destination for tourists.