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Boardwalk, Flores Island, Petén

The island of Flores formerly called Tayasal is located on Lake Peten Itzá, it was since the 9th century AD an Itzá city. In the 15th century Pedro de Alvarado, on his way to Honduras, arrived on the island and left King Canek a horse, which was treated almost like a god. After several unsuccessful attempts to convert the natives to Christianity, the Spaniards destroyed Tayasal in the 16th century and was abandoned until the 18th century.

Currently it is called Isla de Flores in honor of Cirilo Flores, one of the first “independentistas” in Guatemala. Although it is small, it has several restaurants, hotels, craft shops, internet cafes, etc. The city of Flores is geared towards tourists visiting the ruins of Tikal. This splendid Maya site is located 65 km (40 miles) from Flores. The transfer by vehicle takes 45 – 60 minutes.

Its charming streets and alleys under which are found remains of the old Tayasal, its central square with some Mayan stelae, deserve to be visited. Then you can enjoy a quiet walk or have an appetizer watching the sunset on the lake shore.