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Guatemala City

Fotografía por Inguat
Aerial view of Reforma Avenue.

Guatemala’s capital city is the most modern and cosmopolitan city in Central America. Fast-paced and vibrant, Guatemala City (or Guate as it is locally known) is a mixture of the old and the new and has a distinct Latin charm. Nowadays Guatemala City has three million inhabitants, its geographical location and the facilities of the International Airport “la Aurora” make it the starting point for visits to the rest of Guatemala.

Guatemala City was founded in 1776, after a devastating earthquake destroyed the former Spanish capital of Central America,”The City of Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala,” now known as Antigua Guatemala (or simply Antigua). Guatemala City extends along a valley with the predominant Agua volcano on the horizon.

Guatemala City has an active cultural life. Most of the country’s museums are located here, as well as galleries and exhibitions of paintings, photographs, engravings, sculptures of Guatemalan artists, theatres also feature a wide range of Guatemalan playwrights’ works. And if you want to spend a night of dancing, music and fun, enjoy a good dinner or just go for a walk, we recommend the “Zona Viva” located among the best hotels in the city.

Visitors with an interest in handicrafts will find them at the Central Market, located one block from the Cathedral. At the Central Market you will not only find unique Guatemalan handicrafts, but you will also see a colorful variety of local flowers, fruits, and vegetables. The Relief Map of Minerva Park is a good place to observe the extension of Guatemala and if you have never travelled to Paris, you should visit the “Torre el Reformador,” the only scale model in the world of the Eiffel Tower.