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Natural Paradise

It is characterized by its lush forests, unique waterfalls, natural pools, varied flora and fauna. The territory is ideal for people who like sports and outdoor recreation. From the climbing of moist forest mountains, visits to the routes of the Quetzal Biotope, such as rafting in the rapids of the Cahabón River, make this region a destination of adventure and admiration of nature.

You can visit each of its extensive and long caves, including Lankín or Candelaria. It has lush forests, its flora and fauna includes more than 800 species of orchids that invite you to participate in a photographic safari, where you could also capture the national bird “El Quetzal”.

One of its main attractions is Semuc Champey, with waterfalls up to 40 feet high, is a natural limestone bridge of enormous ecological richness, where more than 100 species of birds have been identified.