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The East

Mystical and Natural

The Ipala Lagoon is full of spirituality and mysticism. It offers natural wealth and one of the most important religious centers in the region.

The Sierra de las Minas is home to more than 800 species of mammals and 20 endemic bird species that live in this cloud forest reserve, the largest in Central America.

Esquipulas is an important location for regional meetings and its icon is the well-known Black Christ Basilica.

It also offers tours of natural treasures such as the volcano of Ipala, as well as the Laguna de Guija. Its visitors are delighted with the ecological excursions, the amusement of the parks and the history that frames the Museum of Paleontology and Archaeology Ing. Roberto Woofolk Saravia of Estanzuela, where the bones of mastodons and whales of more than 50 thousand years old are kept.